We Host Online Tournaments!

$1028 = Total Amount Won From Our Tournaments! 


RGL3 - Halo 3 MCC - 2v2 Tournament - MVP = I Graphic I

1st Place = Ground Zero - i Graphic i, Ciutchism, Warrdd

2nd Place = Badvantage Lucy - ELMOBOBBY, RadicalMutt21

3rd Place =  Svenska Meatballs - Jolley34, EP12

4th PlaceGLO GANG -  Yung Steelo, Phelonys

RGL2 - Halo Reach - 4v4 Tournament - MVP = PreDevoNatoR

1st Place = Final Boss - Im god on reach, CoMMeTz, SimianNickel03, PreDevoNatoR

2nd Place= The Abusement Park -  Beastt Beasts, The Fracturedd,  Kenirooski, Premiere

3rd Place = Four Deep - Hi Im Jona, Zarubs, iLL Dropshot, Evan Reloads

4th Place = Saskatchewan - Arcola 1, BS Sabr3, A lil Crucifix, Riot The Kitty

5th Place =  Ground-Zeroi Graphic i,  Delta Nades U, Warrdd, Tronics

6th Place = CBK - Self Supporting, Nobody is Good, Elumineer, Death Enabled

7th Place = AfterShock - Psychtrosity, Shocktrosity, Strafe G, HLG D4Rk LeGeNd

RGL1 - Halo Reach - 4v4 Tournament - MVP = JC Tizoxic

1st Place = Sparkle Motion - Nick Hobbes, tPlisk, Gammage, JC TiZoXiC

2nd Place = The Abusement Park -  Beastt Beasts, The Fracturedd, iLL DRopShot, Premiere

3rd Place = Ground-Zero i Graphic i,  Delta Nades U, Revalution IV,  Sunlight BLaNez                             

4th Place = Open SeasonALL HAIL FAT, Str8Prodigy MAD, Im Cheesecake, a HD SAMerreye

5th Place =  Echo of SilenceHeLsing Excels, Steelseries RPG, hctiwTWITCH, Ozarts

6th Place =  GODS PRODIGIES - II G0DzT3AR II, Sneeakyyy, Panda Slays, LukeTASTROPHE